Physical Abuse And Neglect

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Physical Abuse: Physical Abuse is categorized as harm inflicted on a child which is non-accidental. Physical abuse can range from hitting, punching, scratching, biting, kicking, throwing, stabbing, choking, throwing, being beaten with an object or having objects thrown at them or even burning. This kind of physical abuse is generally perpetrated by the parents, care givers or family members living in the house. According to our textbook "Any injury is considered abuse regardless of whether the caregiver intended to hurt the child (CWIGW, 2013)."

Neglect: Neglect is the failure of a parent, caregiver or family member to provide the child with basic living needs. Examples of this could be:
Physical neglect- a failure to provide food, drink,
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This can look like constant and deliberate criticism, withholding love, guidance and support and personal threats to the child 's well-being. According to the textbook, psychological and emotional abuse can be incredibly hard to prove or provide evidence for; which means that it can go on for long periods of time. While this is is the unfortunate truth, psychological and emotional abuse are generally always present when other forms of abuse are…show more content…
Interviewers of child victims (Police, interveners, social service workers, counselors etc.) May not be able to understand how much a child victim can or cannot communicate, what kind of details they are able to give or how to word specific questions to retrieve the proper information. Police officers and first responders need to especially be cognitively aware of the severe and emotional responses that a child victim will exhibit upon the arrival to a crime scene, a social service department or emergency situation. It is imperative to understand the kind of victimization that the child has experienced. Whether direct victimization or secondary victimization. This will not only give the interveners and officers a better idea of what they are dealing with, but what kind of questions to ask based on this information and the understanding of the child 's

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