Physical Education Pros And Cons

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Physical education is the only subject that makes your heart Race.( unknown)Physical Educations history can be traced back as far back as late 1820 when institutes taught physical education such as gymnastics, human body development, hygiene training, and care of the human body. By the mid-nineteenth century, more than 400 institutes had added a physical health component to their curriculum .I 'm going to be telling you why I believe that everyone should have physical activity every day by showing you the pros, cons, and sharing some facts. There are many benefits to physical activity. For instance, physical activity gives students time to bond with each other. Having physical activity every day is super easy, even by just giving them time…show more content…
Instead of being outside playing in the sun, rain or snow there inside just sitting there and it 's making kids lazy.It 's even been proven that some young children are beginning to have trouble doing simple things like holding their pencils because instead of coloring and drawing there just tapping on the screen, as a result, are not able to fully develop some of the muscles necessary to hold a pencil. Secondly, physical activity has been proven to improve and maximize brain capacity. Physical activity allows you to use different areas of your brain. So when you 're in grade 6-9 your brain is trying to get rid of the stuff you don 't need or use so by being active your keeping those connections strong and functioning so that when that proses starts you don 't lose those connections. Along with helping kids keep their brains strong, it is also proven that it actually minimizes dropouts and helps kids reach a healthy weight. Generally, I find it makes school more
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