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Physical Activity Log Assignment Name Institution Physical Activity Log Assignment 1. Introduction – Describe the significance of monitoring physical activity, setting goals, and evaluating results. It is always important to set goals and to monitor them. These activities help people to have a productive and fruitful lifestyle. Monitoring and evaluation are examples of self-management (, 2014). Self-management and self-monitoring is the process of understanding and looking at one’s activities. People evaluate themselves according to set goals. This process involves setting goals and having a plan on what physical activities to do. The individual doing this activity also gives themselves a time frame to achieve the…show more content…
During the baseline week, all my exercise was in the form of walking or running. After setting some goals, I managed to engage in other forms of exercise like playing basketball and other games with friends as well as lifting. Were these 2 weeks typical of your habitual physical activity? Explain. These two weeks were different from my normal physical activities. I have never involved myself with so much physical activity in two weeks. I have also never tracked my activity. One of the major changes was prevalent during my intervention week where I decided to start walking to places instead of taking the car. What were your facilitators over the two week period? Include predisposing, enabling, & reinforcing factors. Thoroughly describe. My reinforcing facilitator was my roommate because he reinforced the behavior in me. My friends also reinforced me because when we played basketball, they asked me to be the sixth man. My enabling factor was my environment. I was already in a workout environment especially during basketball. My predisposing factors were my attitude and motivation. I laid out many goals and I decided to follow…show more content…
Thoroughly analyze your goals (goal setting and goal achievement or non-achievement). In retrospect, did you set SMART goals? Describe I achieved my goals. The goals I set were lifestyle and activity goals. For the lifestyle goals, I decided to increase my baseline steps by 20% every week. My exercise goals were to consider current level & ways to improve in terms of aerobic and flexibility. My goals were specific because they referred to a certain issue. The goals gave a unit measurement of the steps I should have been doing. However, my exercise goals were not measurable. They were attainable and reasonable. By hard work, I could achieve them. My goals were time bound because I wanted to make the changes in two weeks. What stage of change were you in at the beginning of this assignment? What stage of change are you in now? Was this a good activity given your stage of change? Describe. At this stage I’m at the point where I know what works for me. I have reduced the excuses I had and working out has become a habit. I have increased my activity and exercise time. Monitoring my activity helped me keep track and improve my physical

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