Physical Assessment: Components Of Health Assessment

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1. HEALTH ASSESSMENT Health assessment is an important procedure to everyone that is used to detect deviation from normal before the condition get worsened. It is different from diagnostic tests that are carried out when the individual is already showing signs and symptoms of a disease. COMPONENTS OF HEALTH ASSESSMENT Components of health assessment are: ● Nursing health history ● Physical examination, ● Records and reports, ● Review of laboratory and diagnostic results PURPOSE OF HEALTH ASSESSMENT • To establish data base for an individual • To identify individual strength or weakness • To facilitate communication and coordination of care • To arrive at a definite nursing diagnosis • To identify need for health teaching • To support systems…show more content…
This type of assessment is not as detailed as the complete assessment that occurs at admission. The advantage of an abbreviated assessment is that it allows you to thoroughly assess your patient in a shorter period of time ● A problem-focused assessment: The problem-focused assessment is usually indicated after a comprehensive assessment has identified a potential health problem. The problem-focused assessment is also indicated when an interval or abbreviated assessment shows a change in status from the most current previous assessment or report you received, when a new symptom emerges, or the patient develops any distress. An advantage of the focused assessment is that it directs you to ask about symptoms and move quickly to conducting a focused physical exam ● Emergency assessments: is done quickly to identify root cause concern for the patient by using the approach of ABCs; assessing the airway, breathing and circulation. If the assessment is taking place at the site of incident, it is important for the nurse to assess the scene for safety to prevent hurt to the nurse, with other people around and further hurt to the patient. Once patient is stabilized in the area of ABC, then the assessment can turn to initial or focused assessment, determined by situation…show more content…
Inform the client the type of assistance needed during the procedure. Gown the patient and ensure client drape correctly. • Prepares the environment: by making sure that the room is well lighted, quiet, and warm with good privacy. The nurse ensures necessary equipment and supplies are gathered. Prepares necessary equipment needed for the examination • Records objectively and concisely The equipment used for examination • Scale with a height measuring rod: for height and weight • Thermometer • Stethoscope • Sphygmomanometer • Otoscope – for examining ears nose • Ophthalmoscope ----to assess vision. • Bronchoscope ----to assess bronchi • Tuning fork-- to assess hearing. • Laryngeal mirror and head mirror ---to examine the mouth and throat • A percussion hammer to test reflexes. • Tap

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