Mersault's Emotions In The Stranger

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Physical Attractions In The Stranger by Albert Camus, the main character Mersault is a very unique human being. Mersault does not exhibit emotion as normal humans would. Mersault has more of a connection to and concern for the physical world rather than the emotional one. Throughout the novel, Mersault’s actions in society strongly affect the final outcome of the novel. Because he is a stranger to the rest of the society, Mersault is personally attacked because of his differences, eventually leading him to death by the guillotine. Mersault does not seem to care about the little details of life because he is living it through and getting by on the simple necessities. He focuses on his physical needs rather than his irrelevant needs because he finds they have no importance. At the very beginning of the novel, Mersault’s mother passes away. Following Maman’s death, Mersualt expresses very different emotions. Unlike normal people when someone they love dies, Mersault does not seem depressed nor does he grieve after his mother’s passing. During Maman’s funeral, Mersault does not shed a tear, and he rather focuses on the physical appearance of the room in which they are in. During the procession Mersault explains, “There wasn’t a shadow anywhere in front of me, and every object, every angle and curve stood out so sharply it made my eyes hurt” (Camus 9). Mersault is more affected by the physical aspects of the room…show more content…
For example, during his trial Mersault displayed much discomfort towards the room in which the case took place. Mersault says, “The room was packed. Despite the blinds, the sun filtered through in places and the air was already stifling” (Camus 83). Before the trial began, Mersault began to feel more discomfort, “I was feeling a little dizzy too, with all those people in that stuffy room” (Camus 83). Mersault notices the physical appearance of things rather than the emotional
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