Physical Attractiveness In Society

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What is it that attract us to special someone? Surprisingly, looks, money, power and prestige are far down on the list, a national survey discovered in 1995. In the survey, 89 percent said society places too much emphasis on physical attractiveness, and 83 percent of those blame the media and advertising for over emphasizing good looks. (Brooks, 1995, p. 33) The survey was conducted in 1995 and without the social media circulating around, 89 percent of the society was already emphasizing on appearance look. How much does the 20th century people would emphasize on appearance look? Despite the fact that it is admonished “don’t judge a book by its cover”, society repeatedly resists that warning as they approach their everyday lives reacting to…show more content…
Specifically, people are likely to think that they belong to a higher social class if they are more physically attractive, independent of their objective social status and their actual level of physical attractiveness. The vice versa statement is also considered true. A person automatically belongs to a lower social class when they are less physically attractive. Why does this happen? A lot of this has to do with the fact that physical attractiveness is tied to the concept of privilege and favored social treatment. In society, physical attractiveness is beneficial to some people. For example, an attractive person would earn substantially more, and is more likely to be hired and promoted in organizations. By contrast, people are generally prejudiced against those who are physically unattractive — they think, for example, physically unattractive person is less competent and less warm than the attractive individuals. Moreover, there is a misconception that if someone who is physically attractive than they must be part of the elite in society. It was proven that people apply same inference to themselves. It was demonstrated that individuals apply a similar deduction to themselves. Similarly as they judge attractive others as moderately higher social class, they judged their own social class as higher to the degree they believed they were physically attractive. These…show more content…
As people, there is one shared factor: to love and be loved. Without love, babies don't grow properly. Children grow up with self-esteem issues. Grown-ups turn out to be bitter and jaded. Life is desolate and feels without reason. Love is the cornerstone of the human condition. Furthermore, when it comes down to that penultimate desire for the L word, physical appearance is pointless. (Hannah, 2015) When it comes to romance, looks take a backseat as time passes by. Physical attraction is incredible but appearance should be pushed aside once the time has come to find who a person truly is. First things first, partners should be able to have good, deep conversations with each other and really enjoy their company. That is the primary sign that they're a keeper. A beautiful face with nothing behind it just won't do. The highlights of one's personality are much more attractive than their looks. (3 Reasons Why Looks Don't Matter, 2015) A person can't control the shape of their face, the way their body curves, or what their hands look like. However, yet, individuals are regularly judged on this. In the event that person does not look like what is on TV, in magazines, or even portrayed as in books, at that point they are other. They are not beautiful. A great many people would concur this isn't right, that society

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