Physical-Chemical Analysis Of Hot Sauce

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Physical-chemical analysis of hot sauce with comparison between the different samples.
1.2 Aim: Determination of physical and chemical properties of hot sauce and comparison between different samples. We selected hot sauce to analyze because a lot of people prefer to add it in their food. So, we compare between different samples to find the healthiest one for using.

Chapter 1

1.3 Hot Sauce:

Is also called chili sauce or pepper sauce, is can be condiment, seasoning, or salsa which are made from chili peppers and other ingredients. ( 1.4 History of hot sauce: Thousands of years can humans have used chili peppers and other hot spices . In 1807 ,One of the first commercially available bottled hot sauces in America appeared in Massachusetts. Tabasco sauce is the earliest recognizable brand in the United States hot sauce industry ,appearing in 1868 and becoming synonymous with the term hot sauce in the united states. As of 2010, it was the number 13 best- selling seasoning in the United States preceded by Frank 's Red Hot sauce in number 12 plane, which was the sauce first concocted and used with the creation of Buffalo wings. (

1.5 Ingredients:

Manufacturers use different processes to make hot sauce, but the common content is some variety of chili pepper. Some hot sauces are produced by using chili peppers as the base with adding salt

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