Physical Development In Adolescence

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Adolescence was the time for me to leave childhood behind and enter adulthood. This period in my life was characterized by major changes to my physical, cognitive, and emotional development. Puberty began along with sexual maturation, logical thinking, and the search for personal identity. Family and cultural values influenced my decision making but overall the need to get away from my family structure prevail. My physical development was affected by the beginning of puberty. I can recall feeling mortified because most girls my age had stared menarche and at 14 I still had not. Per our text, Mexican American girls start menarche at around 12 years and nine months, The Developing Person, Stassen 2015, page 451. That feeling didn’t last long, along with menarche I acquired large breasts. I recall wearing two t-shirts under my blouse, I refused to wear a bra. It was strange for me to go from not having breasts to having too much, the feeling was overwhelming and I was embarrassed thinking that everyone was looking at me. Along with menarche I experienced a big growth spurt, suddenly I was 5’ 6’’ and wore size 10 shoes, large for a Hispanic girl. Shoe shopping was not fun, all the cute shoes were size 8 or smaller and I had to settle for old lady shoes. Another aspect of my physical development that I recall is my hair, prior to puberty my hair was long, straight, and light brown. However, by age 15 my hair was deep brown and wavy, unacceptable in my
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