Physical Differences Between Humans And Animals

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According to the theory of evolution, humans are the descendents of animals and simply evolved from their more basic state. In the case of humans, it is believed they are the descendants of ancient primates. This ideology raises the question of what the true difference is between animals and modern humans. This debate on what makes a human being a human has raged for decades and will most likely continue for many more. Despite this, while humans share many characteristics with animals, they are also fundamentally different from them. When most people compare and contrast two things in their mind they immediately think of physical characteristics. In regards to these physical characteristics, humans and animals are quite similar, especially when you compare humans to our closest cousins, the primates. For instance, humans use the same form of locomotion as many animals: the ability to walk. They also have similar sensory organs such as noses, eyes, ears, and skin. Humans also reproduce in a similar fashion to animals, most notably the live birth of mammals. Finally, they consume energy in a similar fashion to omnivores by devouring plants and animals for fuel.
Outside of the basic characteristics, though, humans do have one crucial difference that sets them apart from animals. Unlike animals, humans survive in environments they are not normally physically equipped for. They do this through the use of clothing to help adapt to climate and environmental changes. Humans on

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