Men Vs Women Essay

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Thesis: Men and women are fundamentally different from each other as they generally have some distinctive physical and mental differences.
There are big physical differences between both genders. As we can notice from basic observations on our daily lives, men tend to be taller and heavier than those of the opposite sex. For instance, the average height for male adults of more than 20 years old in the United States is of about 175.9 cm, whereas the average height for females of over 20 years old in the United States is of 162.1 cm; still in the United States, the average weight for adults of same criteria would be 88.3 kg for men against 74.7 kg for women. That is why men generally have thicker bones, as they
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This phenomenon is caused by differences in portion of the splenium, which enables the connections between the two sides of the brain.
Simultaneously, this is why women seem to be more emotional, and men being more logical, as men are less active in the right side of the brain than those of the female gender.
“Men are more violent than women.” this is a phrase that most people seem to agree with.
Although, it is true, most people don’t know why men tend to be more aggressive than women. One of the ways we could approach this problem would be by looking at what happens during a situation of stress for both genders and how they handle it. Oxytocin is a hormone made in the brain that contributes in social bonding, sexual reproduction, and childbirth; and in stressful situations, this hormone is released for both genders. Men tend to be more aggressive during the stress situation, while women tend to handle the stress more “calmly”. The more oxytocin released, the more calm and passive a certain individual tend to correspond. Estrogen tends to raise the effects of oxytocin, while testosterone the opposite, for this reason, women are more calm and tender during stress than
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