Physically Disabled Students Essay

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• Introduction and Should government schools be obliged to meet the needs of physically disabled students?. Disability is very common issue that most of children and teenagers suffer from it can affect their life either positive or negative based on their condition at home. For example, how their parents treat them and also their statues from community. Furthermore, the victims who have this issue found difficulties to doing their daily activities . Such as, communicating with other people, having a proper education, daily activities like reading, writting and even eating. Also It is a part of physical impairment like movement and communication sensory like hearing and visual neurological like feeling the pain cognitive, psychiatric intellectual,…show more content…
So in this essay, it will discuss the general information about Physical disorder and its effects on the community, and also, it will state that government schools should be obliged to meet the needs of physically disabled students what other people said about met the physical disabilities needs: Many people and scholars have various views about this issue and some of them disagree that students with Physical disability should not enter regular schools because of their health issue. On the other hand, some of them agree that government schools should be obliged to meet students with special needs. The most common type of disability is physical disability. Any kind of nervous system, respiratory, circulatory and musculoskeletal disorders are understood as physical disability (Rennie, 2001). They can be acquired prior to birth when the disease is caused when the mother is pregnant. Physical disability can be an outcome of genetic disorder or inability of complete development of the fetus. There are certain disabilities that are acquired during the time of birth and are resulted because of premature birth, brain damage or due to the inability of respiratory system to function properly. The prolonged exposure of the fetus or the newborn
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