Physical Education Domains

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This assignment is based on the six educational domains such as affective, social, cognitive, psychomotor, physiological and also the perceptions and the attitudes of secondary school learners from the Zambezi region of Namibia towards Physical Education and its value with the emphasis of the philosophy which states that “educate a child as a whole” in relation to the domains. It also discusses my general thoughts toward these domains and the importance of Physical Education as a subject. The definitions of each domain will be discussed and finally, I will conclude by summing up the important issues under discussion of the assignment.
According to my little experience in Physical Education, I have realized that this subject aims to make
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Through Physical Education students will to learn how to perform a variety of physical activities, be physically fit, participate regularly, understand the benefits of taking part, and the values of physical activity with its role to a healthy lifestyle. Through physical education I have learned how to perform in lifespan and outdoor activities that will keep me active and most likely in-shape for the rest of my life. Physical Education helped me develop many relationships, because the majority of my friends are people who I have participated with or against in activities throughout my life. Physical Education has also made many life lessons, and has taught me how to have fun with physical activities outside of class, by gathering friends to go out and play. Lastly, Physical Education has taught me many principles such as how to be responsible for my own actions, the importance of being on time and prepared, and it has taught me how to use teamwork to achieve a common goal. It is also important to learn about the six domains of education because in the cognitive domain, students will learn information of how to keep themselves physically fit and how to live long and healthy lives.
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