Physical Education Research Paper

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Students around the world are suffering from obesity, mental health issues, and difficulty with progressing their cognitive and focusing skills. Physical education provides cognitive education designed to help strengthen motor skills, knowledge and behavior for young students. As a result of this, it can boost emotion, allow the children to find interest in other activities and improve home life. Physical education is not offered to all grades in elementary school, which results in an increase in physical and mental health problems as the child’s life progresses. Physical education should be offered to all grades in elementary school because it allows an increase in cognitive mobility, focus, and a decrease in obesity and symptoms related to…show more content…
This is because these are the first years in an organized classroom setting. So, children being in this constant controlled setting cause them to become unfocused and these results in them acting out. The increase in physical activity during the day shows that classroom activity breaks can have a promising impact on the total activity levels of children at school (Berschwinger and Brusseau). Breaks during the school day can allow children to rest their brains, which allows them to come back focused. Also, knowing that the students will soon receive a break allows them to work harder to reach their incentive beforehand. Physical activity during the school day enhances circulation, improves blood flow to the brain and increases norepinephrine and endorphins that reduces stress and improves mood (Taras). These norepinephrine and endorphins that improve the children’s mood allow them to come back from P.E. or, other activity breaks, positive and focused. Allowing students to break away from a controlled classroom setting enables them to relax and release the constant stress that comes with being in a classroom for a major part of the day. “ ‘Twenty 9-year-olds were asked to do a series of stimulus-discrimination tests known as flanker tasks, to assess their inhibitory control. On one day, students were tested following a 20-minute resting period; on another day,…show more content…
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