Essay Physical Education Should Be Required In Schools

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Dalal Al-Haffar
30th of October
Should Physical Education Classes Be Required In School? Currently, a poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle are highly adopted. Children are affected by these factors which contribute to a variety of negative consequences. The rates of obesity, diabetes, cholesterol and many other chronic diseases are increasing throughout the world. Physical education can be a great solution to these health problems. Although physical education classes are mandatory in many countries, they are not required in others. People have diverging opinions. Some believe that physical education classes are not necessary or beneficial for students. However, physical education classes are helpful for students in many ways. They
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When students are stressed from their studies, they may become angry and adapt negative attitudes. Rather than students performing unfavorable and harmful activities, physical education classes provide options that may reduce or even relieve students’ stress. One of the great examples that physical education provides is yoga. Studies have proved that yoga relaxes muscles and clears brains. After the yoga class, students will be reassured and calm. As a result, students will be more focused on their studies. Since physical education classes alleviate their stress and increase their focus, they can be positively correlated to students’ academic performance. Third consequence, which is actually the most beneficial effect of physical education classes, is developing the abilities of cooperation and teamwork among students. Physical education push students to cooperate, by dividing them into teams and making competitions. Physical education classes make students more sociable, especially students who are introverts. By organizing races and competitions, this teaches students how to deal with others. For instance, students who are in a basketball match need to collaborate, talk and discuss their plan together in order to win the

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