The Evolution Of Physical Education

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Understanding Physical Education Standards
When people hear the word physical education, they may often think it has to do with a lot of running and being active the whole time, right? Well, physical education is instructions given by a teacher to do physical activities in school such as running, basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc. Physical education has been taught around the world in many schools since the 1800s. In the article ,“ The Evolution of Physical Education” explains that a city in Cincinnati, Ohio, became the first school to develop this program in the United States in 1855. In 1866, California took in this education and became the first state to pass the law that requires exercise twice a day in public schools. Having physical
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Standards have changed within many years for most high school physical education classes by making it less ambitious. Colleen Schrappen explains how the standards for physical education had changed becoming less competitive. This may be one of the reasons why students in the 1980s were better trained than students now because they had more tasks, such as sit ups required maximum of forty - five, do at least five pullups, finish mile run in seven minutes and forty - five second, that involved interacting and being active with more competitive activities. Also, many high school standards were set up differently because they just wanted their students to have a feeling of being pleased to participate in physical activities and help them improve their skill level, rather than having a feeling of being forced to do difficult tasks that many of them may not be able to do. However, Colleen Schrappen approached and interview Jane Wargo, Director of the Presidential Youth Fitness Program, as to why she believes that this standard is more accurate for student now. She states, “ We were trying to get away from comparing children to other students, and instead let them gain an understanding of why fitness is important”( “ Goodbye Pullups”). This shows that it is better for children to do the challenge at…show more content…
If students skill level are increasing, they can do anything if they put their mind to it and have the confidences.“ The physical education model content standards represent the essential skills and knowledge that all students need to maintain a physically active, healthy lifestyle” (“ Physical Education”). This shows that physical education standards aren’t just made to have details as to why everyone, especially students, need to be active, but with these standards, it can lead students to do much more with their ability in life then they thought they can do. Everybody has a limit to do certain things either because they are lazy, don’t have the confidences to do it, or they are not fit to do it.Also, the physical education standards mostly focuses on students developments in school, which is important towards every students to improve.“Students demonstrate knowledge of physical fitness concepts, principles, and strategies to improve health and performance”(“ Physical Education”). Standard four of the five explains that most students work to achieve a common goal which is to live a healthy life and the only way to do that is to use their knowledge and strength. As soon as they conquer the challenge of the tasks, they feel that they had accomplish so much through
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