Physical Education: The Importance Of Music Education

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Music education is the distribution of knowledge of music, skills and its appreciation that’s why music permeates the daily lives of native culture and groups. It is used in events occurring in our life such as birth, courtship, marriage and death. During the year 1800, a rich musical life developed in the urban areas particularly in Manila and the more affluent provinces. In 1966, the Philippine Congress passed Republic Act No. 4723, popularly known as the Music Law, which provided the teaching of music and art as a separate subject in the elementary level and the teaching of music once a week for one hour in the secondary level (Yamzon, 1972). Music Education helps the students see music not as static content to be mastered, but as personal,…show more content…
It is a part of our daily life style that can be defined as psychomotor learning that focuses on bodily exercise and movement. Physical education has gained immense importance in the 19th and 20th century. These civilizations introduced many exercise and physical education as a necessary skill. Physical education is the study, practice, and appreciation of the art and science of human movement (Boyce). During World War II physical education programs became more common for men and women due to the physical fitness that was required in military service and for manual labor jobs. In 1893 Thomas Wood stated that "the great thought of physical education is not the education of the physical nature, but the relation of physical training to complete education, and then the effort to make the physical contribute its full share to the life of the individual" (National Education Association, p. 621). And until now Physical Education sustained as a subject in all schools in the…show more content…
In 1901, Philippines Commission, installation of highly centralized public school system and more than 600 American teachers were brought to the Philippines (Thomasites, nd.). Promoting Health through schools is one of the most important needs to do for the students. It helps improve their knowledge about personal hygiene, that they practice everyday life, awareness for environment and first aid kit for their safety. Health education is the development of individual, group, institutional, community and systemic strategies to improve health knowledge, attitudes, skills and behavior. The main purpose of health education is to positively influence the health behavior of individuals and communities as well as the living and working conditions that influence their health (Kent State University 2015). In schools, health educators teach health, as a subject, to promote and instill health services to students, staff and faculty members, and to develop healthy school environments and school-community partnerships. At the school, they develop education methods and materials; coordinate, promote, and evaluate

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