Physical Environment In A Fine-Dining Restaurant

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1.1. Overview of the themes
Study about the positive relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in the restaurants has been examined by numbers of researcher since it contributed to the profitability and success of a company. And also it is also confirmed that not only the food quality, but the physical environment has an important role in affecting the satisfaction which then will determine the loyalty of the customers. The objective of this study will dig deeper on how the physical environment of a fine-dining restaurant has an effect on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
1.2. Physical Environment in a Fine-Dining Restaurant
Customer experience in a restaurant is not only affected by the food quality but also its physical environment. Physical environment in a fine-dining restaurant has played an important role in creating memorable experience for the customers who was having dinner in a fine-dining restaurant. According to Han and Ryu (2009), customer may remain in the fine-dining
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Functional clues involved the technical qualities of the service. The mechanic clues involved the non-technical qualities of the service. This particular clue includes the design and physical elements (lighting, odours, layout, etc.) that exist in the restaurant. And humanic clues involved the behaviour of the employees in the restaurant. Wall and Berry (2007) stated that “the more time customers spend in a service facility, the greater the opportunity they have to be influenced by mechanic clues”. Now, this study will discuss about the physical settings variables such as decoration, restaurant layout, and also ambience by using Bitner’s (1992) term servicescape which is defined as “the man-made, physical surroundings as opposed to the natural or social
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