Military Physical Exercise Analysis

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The practice of daily exercise has a variety of health benefits, both mentally and physically. The CDC defines physical fitness as “The ability to carry out daily tasks with vigor and alertness, without undue fatigue, and with ample energy to enjoy leisure-time pursuits and respond to emergencies (Booth, Roberts, & Laye, 2012). Each branch of the military has their own physical fitness program, but both the United States Navy and the United States Army, have two factors that they in cooperate into their physical fitness program. Both physical fitness programs have a height and weight portion and a physical fitness test portion an individual must pass. The physical fitness test, or PT test, is made up of three separate events which tests an…show more content…
Service members are told to follow the performance triad which is known for an equal balance that is needed for good performance. The performance triad works for service members overseas as well as stateside. The performance triad components include nutrition, sleep, and activity and are all affected by one another. The military suggest that service members get more sleep, improve their nutrition and engage in activity. The performance triad is critical to optimize health and performance and should be investigated and promoted as a holistic system (Purvis, Lentino, Jackson, Murphy, & Deuster, 2013). Service members can gain so much from the performance triad. Sleeping an adequate amount improves reaction time, tactical coordination, ability to detect and engage the enemy. Having a good night’s sleep is especially needed before conducting a physical fitness test. Increasing activity levels can help stimulate anti-anxiety effects on service members. Introducing a higher activity level can also improve people’s mood and health. An increase activity level can also help service members pass and excel on their physical fitness test. Nutrition is a critical element for sustaining a soldiers or sailor’s health and a healthy diet is a key countermeasure for individuals to ensure optimal body weight and adequate fuels for…show more content…
Being active is needed to stimulate the body so that is able to maintain and repair itself. Keeping active can help people prevent diseases. Strong, capable muscles provide better stability, reducing your risk of accidents and without physical training or activity people are at risk for high blood pressure, breathlessness, heart disease, over weight and more (Nina, 2017). Energy is a huge factor that is decreased if a person does not perform any physical activity. Service members and people in general need energy to perform any day to day activity. Job performance can be decreased if a person has little to no energy which is not what an employer is looking for. Sitting or lying around all day inactive makes you weak as you aren’t using any of the major muscle groups in your body (Barlowe, 2017). Stamina, or endurance, is needed so that a person is able to move around without gasping for breath. Stamina also helps people maintain a good heart beat rate when performing heavy exercise. Strength is need to do any type of physical work. When performing any work and the following day a person is sore it is an indication that the person is out of shape and does not have the strength needed for that task. Suppleness or flexibility is mobility needed to perform any physical task. The more suppleness a person has the less stiff their joints become as they can bend more readily without the risk of
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