Physical Genius: A Short Story

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It was 9:30 a.m on a Tuesday in a seventh grade classroom at David Wark Griffith Junior High School. The students were settling down into their desks and Jake Vo was getting his lesson plans ready when the fire alarm went off and the students began yelling. Jake, a first year teacher, was not trained for a fire drill so when the students calmed down after the loud ringing of the alarm, they turned to Mr. Vo for instructions he did not have. Jake used to his imagination to decide where to take the students, maintained his patience with the rattled up middle schoolers, and led them to a nearby field. There he saw other teachers and asked them for further instructions. With imagination, patience, and communication Jake did his job successfully.
Jay worked as an engineering
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Charlie Wilson, an exceptional neurosurgeon, was described as being able to imagine a whole surgery before actually doing it, so by the time he did the surgery it was second nature to him. Michael Jordan was considered a “physical genius” because he could overcome obstacles his team faced and achieve victory; whereas Karl Malone was identified as “just good” because he couldn’t do the same thing. The nannies interviewed in “Maid in L.A” stated that the children they cared for were disrespectful and didn’t like to be told what to do, so they began giving them incentives and treats to get them to do what they were told. In “Santa Land,” the main character, Sedaris, used his imagination to make his job more interesting, such as telling parents that they’d receive their Christmas pictures in August instead of December. Sedaris also worked at the Magic Window and had to repeat the same phrase hundreds of times a day, so instead of saying “Step on the Magic Star and you can see Santa!,” he changed it to “Step on the Magic Star and you can see
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