Physical Limitations Simulation Suit

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Physical Limitations Simulation Suit In class I was able to wear a mobility suit that had similar restrictions to simulate what it felt like to have dexterity, flexibility, motor and visual impairments. I was given a pair of pants with leg straps that connected to a shirt. Both pants and shirt had stiff braces going across the joints, and weights weighing down the entire suit itself. To simulate hearing impairment I put ear plugs in both ears. For simulation of vision impairment I wore fogged glasses. The full body suit, ear plugs and glasses were difficult to put on, let alone walk, sit, stand, and communicate with the people around me. Wearing the mobility suit I felt insecure and unstable. I feel empathetic to the people and families that live with physical limitations. I now have some understanding to what obstacles they may face in their everyday life. In the short time I wore the mobility suit, I faced the challenge of…show more content…
I was unable to hear clearly, and unable to make out facial features of the person I was talking to. I understand now the importance of speaking clearly and loud enough so a person who is hearing impaired and hear and understand what I am saying. Along with visually impaired, I experienced not being able to see facial expressions. When communicating with someone who is visually impaired I can use my tone of voice to express the emotion of the conversation, since facial features and expression may not be visually clear. I realize self-appearance is important to people. The better you look, the better you feel. I can sympathize with people with physical limitations nor being physically able to groom, or dress themselves as they would like due the lack of mobility and motor skills. Wearing the mobility suit I was unable to reach my arms past my ears, not able to pull my hair back behind not only will I be happy to help, I feel the client would appreciate the fine detailed

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