Dramatic Change In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo (the protagonist of the play) is an ever-changing and maturing character. His many physical, mental and emotional changes affect other major characters, including Juliet.

The first important transformation that he undergoes is emotional. At the beginning, he is extremely depressed - moping and whining about his unrequited love, Rosaline. Not soon after, we, as an audience, see that he has completely 'forgotten ' Rosaline. The past few days, weeks even, have meant nothing. This change is caused by his instantaneous attraction for Juliet. As the play progresses, we can start to understand that Juliet is one of, if not, the only cause of Romeo 's behaviour.

"Did my heart love till now? forswear it sight! / For I ne 'er saw true beauty
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He almost 'allows ' himself some goodness - which is in this case, Juliet ("As is a winged messenger of heaven"). This dramatic change in emotion denotes how powerful their love is; that it can vanquish all evil.

On the other hand, not all changes Romeo receives are favourable. After he allows Mercutio to be slain, Romeo realizes that his love for Juliet has clouded his judgement, and rendered him senseless. He cries out,

"O sweet Juliet / Thy beauty hath made me effeminate / And in my temper soften 'd valour 's steel!"

His passion and lust for Juliet has made him unmanly and weak. This theme of genders is the backbone of Romeo and Juliet, and mentioned frequently. Women are portrayed as the 'weaker vessel ' and men as the superior. Romeo rarely talks about gender; contrary to most of the other men in the play.

This scene is also very important, as it depicts him as a lover, not a fighter. He then realizes his unusual actions; and pursues Tybalt - to avenge Mercutio 's death. Shakespeare wants the audience to question Romeo 's actions and wonder about the true heart of his character: good or evil.

After taking Tybalt 's life, Romeo begins to comprehend that he has been too rash and impulsive. He
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