Physical Needs In Children

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All human beings have needs, better termed as requirements or necessities which must be fulfilled for us to function properly. These needs can be classified as physical and emotional. Physical needs are the basic needs and when they are not met, a person may eventually die. According to Abraham Maslow, physical needs are the physiological needs and consist of food, water, shelter and clothing. Emotional needs relate to the mental requirement which enables human beings to enjoy a good mental health. The emotional needs of a child focus mainly on love and affection. Catering for these needs will lead to the development of strong emotional intelligence and self-awareness in children. A child should be get unlimited love from his family. He must be accepted by the family members though he makes mistakes and his home should cater for his security. He should feel included and his right should be valued. Adults, primarily parents must nurture children’s confidence and self-esteem. Setting realistic targets, praising them, encouraging them, telling them the truth, allowing them to solve problems on their own and avoiding harsh remarks can help to do so. A child has the right to happiness, love, comfort, respect and fairness.

These emotional needs of the child give rise to values. What are values? In technical terms, a value can be defined as "a conception, explicit or implicit, distinctive of an individual or characteristic of a group, of the desirable which influences the
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