Negative Effects Of Smart Phones Essay

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Smartphones have completely altered the world of communication; we use it in our daily life they control us. Functioning without them is hard. People rely on smartphones all the time; they depend on it more than they rely on themselves. Smartphones make humans unintelligent, it makes them enjoy laziness and it can cause physical problems.

Smartphones are turning people into ignorant beings, it does all the calculations and work for them. For instance, if there a mathematical equation with simple integers people can simply just swipe up their screens and a calculator appears to give them the answer instantly. Or even they can download an app on their smartphone that does their work for them. It will show them the steps on how to solve the problem. The only
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If the person is not careful, these problems can be dangerous. Using your smartphone in the dark can cause temporary blindness. Since when you are laying on your side one eye is covered by the pillow and the other eye is focused on the screen. After a couple of minutes when you look away from the smartphone you will be able to see with only one eye that is because your other eye needs to catch up and adjust. Smartphones can relatedly cause neck ache; this is due to spending a significant amount of time looking down at the screens which cause our neck to move forward thus causes a hunchback that may, later on, be the reason for back pains. Smartphones can be the purpose of fights, which may lead to other physical issues. For example, if you drop a person’s expensive smartphone on the ground and damage it, the person will attempt to harm you if you refuse to pay for the repair. The primary physical concern that smartphones can cause is car accidents. A person can be texting on his smartphone and not pay any attention to the road; he may put his life, and others lives in huge risk. Not only broken bones but results can also be
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