Physical Signs Of Aging Essay

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Physical signs of aging are not the only issues to worry about as these are merely part of the aging process. It is only to be expected that the likelihood of both minor and major ailments increases with age and unfortunately with them, minor or major pain as well. The easier way out is to rely on medications and drugs to handle pains but there are holistic or natural ways to manage them too. Doing so will better ensure we do not feel old and we’ll end up aging well; not just aging back. The Pain Burden Ailments such as arthritis, angina or neuropathic pain are common with older people. These disabilities can cause osteoarthritis or musculoskeletal disorders. The increased burden of pain in turn affects sleep patterns, ability to perform everyday…show more content…
They particularly start occurring in your 30s as we spend tons of time by the computer. Take regular breaks and stretch your neck a little to avoid built up strain. 4. Wrist Ache This is another hazard of professional working life and might lead to repetitive strain disorder or carpel tunnel syndrome. It often happens from typing on a keyboard all day or using a mobile phone for extended period of time. Give your wrists a break and try to avoid too much repetition use of it. There are specially-designed work station/desk which help you type correctly so as not to place undue pressure on your wrists. And maybe just take regular short breaks for other tasks, apart from using the computer keyboard or texting on the cell phone. 5. Managing Back Pain This is a common complaint as folk get into their 40s and 50s. It comes from bad posture or an incorrect position at your workstation, placing strain on the spine. Combating it or making sure you are not susceptible to it in the first place really depend on watching your posture – a little pilates may be helpful – and also watching how you lift heavy things. Remember to always lift heavier items from the knees, and make sure you don’t carry more than 25% of your body

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