Physical Therapist Assistant

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More than an Assistant As a high school senior you have a lot of stress on yourself to make all the right decisions to make the future the finest it can be. With all your worries about colleges, money, and jobs; be happy to know you have already made one remarkable decision, becoming a physical therapist assistant. A physical therapist assistant as a career is an intelligent start for your future. This job allows you to help other feel better and more in control of their bodies, which is a great feeling. Choosing this career gives you many job opportunities all over the world, along with different environment to work in. It’s up to you to choose where you go next. “A physical therapist assistant is able to help patients heal from injuries by helping them complete task and give them motivation along the way,” says Maggie Winans Physical Therapist Assistant at Northsport Physical Therapy. After talking with her I learned what it takes to be a physical therapist assistant. You need to be very…show more content…
How much is it going to cost? How long will it take me to get my degree? What college is the best for me? This are the numerous questions that are going through your brain. These questions can be simply answered by something that Maggie Winans said, “The truth is college is will be expensive, and that part sucks. But is also fun and interesting; working with your class mates, learning from your professors, and completing your internships.” She then went on to say, “There are so many college out there, which means there is more than one perfect one for you. So the truth is just go with your heart and it will be the right decision.” What Maggie said is the advice that you need to take. Yes, college is expensive but there are scholarships, financial aid, and loans; so don’t sweat it. In the end you willing be doing what you love for the rest of your
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