Physical Therapist Essay

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Cadet John Paolo M. Dionisio
Aerospace Studies 100B
Lt Colonel Oliva Nelson
10 April 2017
Aerospace Studies Briefing Topic The Air Force job career I will be researching is Physical Therapy. I will be explaining several concepts of an Air Force Physical Therapist with the description of the job, requirements/prerequisites, and explain how the job is essential to the Air Force and my future career. The purpose of this topic paper is to teach my fellow co-cadets the overview of a Physical Therapist in the civilian world and the Air Force. To start off, according to the U.S Air Force career website, Physical Therapy is “Providing services that help restore function, improve mobility and relieve pain.” To clarify, most people in our population
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The profession requires years of education and completion of several prerequisites. Currently, Physical Therapy is known as a Doctorate profession, and in order to achieve the title of Physical Therapist, one must follow the chronological steps to education. To clarify the steps, college students and airmen that are interested in going to Physical Therapy school must achieve a bachelor's (any major) from a four-year university with a minimum 3.00 GPA, complete several prerequisites classes for PT School, pass the GRE Exam, and have the minimum hours for clinical internship. To briefly explain the prerequisites, most PT schools typically vary, however, most schools require a year of General Biology, General Chemistry, Anatomy/Physiology, General Physics, and Math. Also, one must include the classes for the bachelor's requirement. As for the General Graduate Exam and clinical hours requirements, according to the USC’s School of Physical Therapy, an applicant must achieve a “minimum score of 150 [as] recommended on each component of the aptitude test”, and for clinical hours, an applicant must complete “a minimum of 150 hours of clinical experience in a variety of physical therapy settings is required. This can be a volunteer or paid capacity.” Overall, these various requirements require proper planning if an individual is planning to go to Physical Therapy
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