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“Ow! My knee! I think I need to go see a physical therapist.” This is an example of one of the many reasons people go to see a certified physical therapist. “Physical Therapists, sometimes called PTs, help injured or ill people improve their movement and manage their pain” (Bureau 1). They design plans that can be help patients recover from various injuries, also a PT must promote the health of their patients (United 1). Over time, the career of a PT has become more advanced, this includes the technology that a PT uses and the techniques they use. Most PTs are employed in hospitals and physician’s offices (Bureau 3). The career for a PT is a stressful one, yet many PTs receive myriad amounts of enjoyment from watching their patients break their…show more content…
There is no cost besides the cost of attending college. The benefits for a a PT is health care is provided by the place of employment. Also, a PT will be given a week 's worth of sick days, and also 17-18 days of vacation time when starting out. There is no guaranteed retirement package for a PT (Stahl 3). The benefits of the career as a PT are good but not as good as the employment availability. With the promising salary and benefits of being a PT one may wonder how available a job like this is. The employment availability for this career is very high (Bureau 1). The future needs for this occupation will be very high due to the aging U.S. population (Bureau 6). The career may expand in the future due to the expanding, and aging U.S. population (Bureau 2). The need for this career is mostly in the U.S. “The focus will be on improving community health and not focus on turf” (Stahl 3). Even though the career of a PT is a hard and stressful one, a Pt is rewarded very highly in both pay and enjoyment from seeing their patients succeed. The advantages to this career include good pay and that satisfaction of helping people achieve their physical health goals. The possible disadvantages of this career is an above average stress level at work, and a difficult time balancing life and work. “Wow, thanks Doc! My knee doesn’t hurt anymore!” This is the type of satisfaction many PTs strive for when helping their

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