Physical Therapy Essay

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Physical therapists are professionals that have the skills and knowledge in structuring an individualized exercise program for wellness. It is the role of physical therapists to educate their clients about the importance and benefits of having regular physical activity. The duties of a physical therapist involves providing appropriate evaluation, assessment and treatment interventions to their clients to prevent the occurrence of diseases and to improve their over all health related quality of life. Myers, Sweeney, and Witmer (2000) stated that a regular exercise program supervised by physical therapists is vital in disease prevention and health promotion. The benefits having regular physical activity for adults include increased independence,…show more content…
Wellness and fitness services are therefore a vital component of health care system for the elderly population. Yang et al. (2015) emphasized that preventive care and fitness services are currently being integrated to many hospital facilities and into the community, in order to decrease the risk of having preventable medical conditions. The health care system is slowly transitioning from aiming to cure the diseases, to focusing on disease prevention and health promotion (Yang et al., 2015). In Farmington, New Mexico, a facility called Special K Fitness and Wellness Center offers four services, with the goal of improving overall fitness and wellness among people living in the community (Noyes, 2012). The first service that they are offering is under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist. The physical therapist utilizes his professional skills to determine the client’s functional deficits and areas for improvement. Based on the evaluation, the physical therapist develops a plan of care, which includes patient centered goals and expected outcomes. The physical therapist provides individualized assessment and creates meaningful exercise options for the

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