Physical Therapy: A Lifestyle Choice

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Physical Therapy: A Lifestyle Choice
When I was deciding on a college I had no idea what career would suit me best. At that time engineering was very popular as it is now. My first thought was that I would like to be an engineer just because of the salary that they make. After I finally started college I soon realized that engineering was not what I actually liked to do. I liked knowing this about my body and working out, actual physical activity. I then decided that my dream career is being a Physical Therapist. I still get to do all the things I love, but I will also be making a good living with a respected career.
Definition of Physical Therapy
Physical therapist are highly-educated, licensed health care professionals who can help
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According to physical therapy reviews one of the main things a PT is responsible for is to promote worker health and help manage musculoskeletal injuries as part of an occupational health team seeking to improve return to work outcomes (D. Daley &M. Miller, 2013). From that you can say another responsibility of the actual therapist is to determine what kind of therapy is needed to speed the recovery of their patient as much as possible. Another huge responsibility is making sure the patient completes the program he or she is assigned while being there and assuring the patient, as well as the family members that the program will pay off soon enough. Many people would lose hope if their therapist did not stay around for every step of the…show more content…
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