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Different physical therapy clinics utilize physical therapist assistants in different ways. In some clinics, the physical therapist assistants do the bulk of the patient's treatment, in others they fill in when the physical therapist is out of the clinic or their schedule is already full. Regardless of the clinic style, as a physical therapist assistant my daily life will consist of aiding patients through their rehabilitation process while working under the supervision and direction of a physical therapist. It will be my job to follow the plan of care that was created by the physical therapist and ensure that each patient is doing the prescribed exercises accurately. I will also need to accurately report the progress of each patient to the…show more content…
I would love to have the chance to play a part in helping someone heal and get back to their normal lives and functionality levels. When I was young I watched both of my parents go through physical therapy after surgery. My father had torn his rotator cuff playing baseball and my mother had slipped on the ice and torn her anterior cruciate ligament. Both recoveries are fairly extensive which gave me plenty of opportunities to go along to their appointments and see what they were going through. For my father, he loved to play baseball and the guitar. He could live without baseball, but his life would never be the same if he couldn't play guitar again. Because of the work that his physical therapist and physical therapist assistants did with him he was able to play both again. My mother's experience was a little different because for her, rehabilitating her knee after surgery meant she would be able to walk normally again. I accompanied her to almost all of her appointments and watched as she went from walking with crutches and having almost no range of motion in her knee to her being able to ride a stationary bike and having full extension and flexion in her knee. Seeing how both of my parents lives were improved by the treatment they received inspired me to pursue this career. If I can play part in helping someone's parents get back their normal daily activity levels or maybe even better than they were before their injury then I will know that I have truly made a difference in their

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