Physical Therapy Assistant Program Analysis

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I am writing to apply for the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) program, as a freshman majoring Associate of Science at Cerritos College. After I read the program description, I am very interested in this program. I have reviewed from the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) through the website, and very passionate in this major. PTA program is one of top future job in ten years the. I strongly believe that I will be the best candidate for this position. I am looking forward to studying in this field. I hope that I can get in this program and be successful in the future. I will submit all requirement documents and finish all prerequisite classes. I will be proud, if I receive an acceptance letter from PTA program at Cerritos College.…show more content…
I am never bored, when I work in the lab. I can spend to many hours non-stop in the lab. I know that it is very hard to get in the PTA program in Cerritos College, because of the limited quantity students for every semester. And plus the program picks the students from the top to the bottom. So this is a purpose to make me strongly motivated to get the program. For some reason, I stopped studying for couples years. But I believe that it is never too late to follow my dream. I am a freshman student, but I will earn the Associate Degree of Science in 2018. I know that work in the Medical Field is not easy, but I have studied enough to qualify for PTA program. I am still studying to get more credits and knowledges in my major. Besides that, I am responsibility, patience and highly efficient person. I know that I have to handle and deal with too many things to become a PTA. For instance, working in the hospital is always busy and stressful, especially in our major requires employees work with the elderly patients or help the patients such as recovering from accident, illness or after a trauma and a coma. And one more reason is that I really like the environment working in areas program such as hospital, rehabilitation or nursing house. I am a very hard working person, I can work too many hours straight. Some people afraid of work and talk with the elderly people, but I am not kind of that problem. I know that to become a PTA, I have to finish all prerequisite classes and experience working or volunteer in hospital or medical area will be a bonus. I try to apply to some hospital to get more experiences, and now I am talking the Phlebotomist program that can help me to get in the medical field. It took me a long time to make this decision, I do not choose this major because of my family wants me to do. I research this program through the website, watch the
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