Physical Therapy Hardship

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“Shadow, shadow, shadow, shadow,” that is the number one thing I have heard from every adult who offers advice about what major to pursue. The summer before my senior year, I knew a profession in the medical field intrigued me. However, like most teens, I had no idea about what job I wanted to pursue. During that summer, I was thinking physical therapy. My mom works at The Veterans Affairs Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Coincidentally, they have a wonderful volunteering program where high schoolers and college students can shadow and volunteer. I was able, and very thankful, to receive the last spot in the physical therapy department.
Knowing that I was set up to see firsthand how physical therapist work, I was able to experience something that left a lasting impression. On July 16th, Alexis, the Physical Therapist that I was shadowing, said to the entire PT floor, “Can I have everyone 's attention, please?” At that moment, I had a clueless expression on my face, while everyone 's attention was on Alexis. In the previous three weeks, an older gentleman came in with his wife for therapy. He recently had his right leg amputated because of an unforeseen surgery related complication. Overcoming many obstacles,
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Since Alexis took time out of her busy day to personally acknowledge the well being of a former patient, I was reassured about my interest in the healthcare field. I was given an opportunity to shadow a physical therapist 's daily routine, and tag along during strenuous cases. However, I witnessed how much a health profession can impact the personal lives of a patient in a positive way. To work in an environment that interacts with the community and promotes good health is something I aspire towards. I believe that Butler University will provide the necessary pathways for me to choose which healthcare profession I would like to be a part of. At Butler University, I will continue to improve my communication skills, and become a friend for everyone in my
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