Physical Therapy Paper

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Physical Therapist
Physical Therapy was first established at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington D.C. on May 1st, 1909 to help war veterans overcome physical disabilities ( “About Us” 1). Because of Walter Reed you can now find Physical Therapy departments at most major hospitals around the nation and stand alone centers in many cities and towns. These facilities are run and operated by Physical Therapists, PT for short, which are trained professionals that help people recover from surgeries or injuries by retraining and strengthening muscles seeking to reduce recovery time and reduce pain associated with injuries. The changes in physical therapy have been modernized with the way society has built itself around active lifestyles. Becoming
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This education will cost me around $10,000 or more a year. I will also need to do some internships to get the feel of being a Physical Therapist and see how a real therapist interacts with their patients. It will also give me a good feel or how I might be in a typical setting of a PT. The college I was thinking of going to would have to be Southwestern Oklahoma State University or also known as SWOSU. A couple of the main traits a Physical Therapist are they have to be caring, patient, knowledgeable, well-rounded, realistic, flexible, and they are positive(“10 Qualities of a Successful Physical Therapist”). All these characteristics you have to have are good ones, I think that I have a lot of these traits. I know for sure I am a very caring person, about people and the things that I am a part of. I am always positive about everything no matter what I try and have a positive outlook. I am also realistic I can be flexible,and well-rounded. As I chose to continue with this career I believe I can grow to other skills and talents that come along with being a Physical…show more content…
This career will be very rewarding for me because i 'll be one on one with someone helping them get back on their feet of watching them get back to continuing on to playing their sport continue doing their daily activities. I don 't really know what sparked my interested in this career but I think it’s the fact that i’ve been to the physical therapist and I love how they helped me, they were really nice. I think it just fascinated me how I did all those exercises that really helped me. The things that I am doing to help me reach my goal in this career is continuing with high school and graduating then going off to college to pursue this career
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