Physical Therapy Personal Statement

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I can honestly say that nutrition was not my first choice, or at least I thought it was not my first choice; for the past few years I always assumed that physical therapy was my future career. I spent my four years of undergrad studying Exercise and Sports Science because I wanted to learn every aspect of the human body, the biomechanics, physiology and even the human psyche of how the body interacts and ways to improve upon so that I can become a good physical therapist. During this time and actually before attending college, I was always in self-awareness of my body, nutritionally and physically. Consciously aware of what I was allowing into my body and making an effort to be physically active was a life hobby for me, little did I know that this was an immense stepping stone for what I was truly meant to be. On a regular basis, to stay fit and healthy, I would research healthier alternatives, exercise programs and preventative measures. Then in turn I would relay this new found information to family, friends and co-workers. I found great satisfaction when friends and family would heed my advice and actually see improvements in themselves. It was in that moment that I had an epiphany: this whole time I was going through the motions of studying to eventually become a physical therapist, subconsciously knowing that I was not truly…show more content…
The way to do so is through my studies; my ideal nutrition graduate program will have an emphasis on weight management (primarily working with bariatric patients), nutritional values of foods and vitamins, and how the body interacts or reacts to lifestyle changes including physically and psychologically. I would like to find a program that offers the opportunity to train in a well structured and administered community with educators, nutritionists and dietitians who love to teach so in turn I successfully educate my patients so they are equipped to choose a healthy
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