Physical Therapy Persuasive Speech

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It's in the second half and I'm flying down the court. It's 13-15 and the games almost over, I run and run. "Splat" I hear a crack, what's happening. The ambulance is coming but not fast enough. I'm in pain and nothing's happening. My parents are on my side and then the paramedics are here. My leg is throbbing and there's a blanket covering it, it must not be very pretty. I want some ice cream and hot coco but that's not reality right now though. Then it's black and I'm unconscious. The hospital bed is very comfy and I have hot coco on my night stand. My leg is asleep and I can't feel anything, I broke my femur. I'm in a body cast and I have to us the bathroom but I can't so I'll just hold it till later. 2 months later- I'm still in my body cast but it's supposed to come off tonight. I go to the bone doctor and they take it off pretty smoothly. I can't play until I've had a lot of time in physical therapy. The pain is still bad but at least I can go to the bathroom now. I start the therapy tomorrow and then I should be back to playing in no time. They make me take ballet with 5 year olds, I meet its fun but it hurts my leg. They also make me take some swim lessons with old people to get my leg working. The first day goes pretty well but after awhile I get tired and mom takes me home. On our way home we stop by Walgreens and buy some pain relief and we stop and…show more content…
It's 12-14 and I shoot and I score, the crowd goes crazy. My team mates come over and pick me up and I'm flying high above everyone. My leg kinda hurts but it's not as bad as it was. My team mates and I go to Brahms and I get a double dip hot fudge sundae. It's so good and all my friends come along to and we are pretty much ruling the inside with our group. I'm having so much fun and it's like I had never even broken the bone in the first place. I'm not a super star but I feel like one right
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