Physical Therapy Professionalism

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Professionalism is important for a student in a doctor of physical therapy degree program, because it allows the student to act in the best professional manner and it allows the student to excel in their profession after graduation. As a potential doctor of physical therapy student, I believe there are several skills that imply professionalism in the program. The most important skill of professionalism is that the student has good communication skills. This is an important skill because it allows the student to ask questions and to develop relationships with their professors and clients. Critical thinking allows the student to think more in depth, which in return allows the best professional work to be achieved. Accountability is very important,…show more content…
Good communication skills, which includes listening, allows the student to interact with the professors and classmates in a manner that will extend beyond the classroom. These communication skills allow the student to develop a close relationship with their clients which encourages the client to achieve more in their therapy. After graduation, these students are more than just a physical therapist to their clients. They are friends, counselors, and mentors. Good communication skills allow these students to be the best professionals that they can be. It allows them to excel as a professional and to develop interpersonal relationships throughout their career. Critical thinking is another skill that makes up professionalism of a student in the doctor of physical therapy program. This skill allows the student to think more in depth in terms of their studies and their diagnosis of their clients. It allows the therapist to find and treat the underlying causes of their impairment rather than getting the client to a satisfactory baseline and discontinuing treatment. By using critical thinking to find the underlying causes, they are preventing the decline in the client 's health and increasing the client 's quality of

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