Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

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“Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience." How will you embody this vision as a future physical therapist? “ I can feel my pinchers!” These were the words of a young child during a summer camp session at the Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City. The look on his face as he pinched his fingers together and began dropping the little beads into a bucket was one that I will never forget. After four weeks of constraint induced movement therapy, many of the other children also realized that it was possible to regain some control in their hemiplegic arm showing just how rehabilitation can improve an individual’s life experiences. My interest in physical therapy first came about during a career seminar my senior…show more content…
Displaying these skills are crucial when it comes to patients reaching their treatment goals and progressing the rehabilitation process. Working as a rehabilitation technician at Innovate Rehab and Wellness and Northland Physical Medicine have both been great opportunities to help me prepare for a career in physical therapy, as I am able to implement these skills on a day-to-day basis. Under the guidance of Dr. Brandon Schultz at Northland Physical Medicine, I have been able to utilize what I have learned during my shadowing experiences while working with patients during stretching and strengthening exercises. I have found that being personable and engaging with patients on a personal level helps increase comfort levels and keeps them motivated to achieve their goal of relieving the pain. Along with being personable, good communication is also key when working with patients. By providing clear instruction for exercises, the patient is able to correctly perform the action in a safe and beneficial…show more content…
With my experiences in shadowing physical therapists, working in rehabilitation settings, and lending a helping hand in the community, I am confident that I will embody the vision of the APTA as a future physical therapist. Providing positive feedback, communicating with clarity during treatment sessions, and being able to properly educate my patients on their injuries with confidence will all compliment each other as I will strive to improve the human experience and transform society by optimizing movement. Hearing the words of the child at summer camp made me realize how life-changing rehabilitation can be and hearing statements similar to this make physical therapy one of the most rewarding careers and one that I would love to be apart of. Your time and consideration are greatly appreciated, Alexander
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