Physical Treatment In Veterans Essay

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Medical and Physical Treatment in Veterans A veteran comes back from the war in Vietnam. Some people acknowledge him for his services and some people dishonor him for what he did in the war. In this essay, many people treat veterans with disrespect consequently as if he or she did something wrong. Returning veterans or people are being treated with either honor, mental help, or with disrespect but higher disrespect and mental help. According to the story, Odysseus thinks he will be accepted walking in the castle he once lived in but, he has a tough time trying to fit back into society, after being on a journey for 20 years. As the King of Ithaca, he is disrespected by many of the men inside of his own house. In the article, the “Odyssey” many lessons are learned and many obstacles are upon Odysseus and his men. After the battle of Troy, Odysseus gathers some men and they go on a 20-year journey to many different islands. On those islands, they face obstacles like hunger, ferocious…show more content…
In the process, he loses and gains jobs. To him, any pain will take away the nightmares and the episodes that occur in his life. “He does this by going into a bar and attacking the largest man in the place.” (Shay 9) Wiry’s self-styled treatment barely helped him. He goes through pain approximately every day to take away his nightmares and distract Wiry so the episodes do not occur. Not all treatment seems to work. It just causes the patient, to be even angrier and forms episodes. Current treatment of the newer veterans helps with PTSD better than the aged treatments that were performed. In the video,“Wounded Warriors, Healing Hounds” the owner of a Veterans Best Friend trains dogs and uses them to help veterans with PTSD. These dogs use different tactics to tell their owner someone is approaching them so the owner does not lose it and have a violent episode that can hurt someone in
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