Vital Signs Case Study

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CONCEPT 6-VITAL SIGNS This concept is taken from module 2 Introduction The body’s basic functions are monitored with the use of vital signs. It measures how effective the circulatory, neural, endocrine, and respiratory systems are functioning. The vital signs include taking of temperature, counting respiratory rate, checking blood pressure, counting pulse rate, assessing degree or level of pain and assessing the level of oxygen saturation in a client. Significance Vital Signs are taken to get clues to possible diseases in a client and to assess the general health of a person. It also shows the progress a person is making towards recovery. It is always taken as a baseline data to monitor any subsequent deviation. Critical Evaluation Personal-Vital…show more content…
An example was the case of a woman who brought her newly delivered set of twins to the hospital for immunization. She complained that she was not lactating. She had started giving her two weeks old babies artificial milk. It was not even the correct type of milk. She was interviewed by the nurses and was allowed to speak her mind concerning her family; her husband, her job, her in-laws, her husband’s job, her eating pattern, et cetera. She was listened to attentively. At the end of the interview, it was discovered that she was not in good terms with her mother-in-law who happens to pitch her tent with them. The mother-in-law was living with them and not only that, she was the one that will dictate the amount of money that her son should give to the wife for feeding; which of course, is a meager amount. She dictates the type of food the woman should eat. The delivered mother is a complete house wife. The woman has no house help. The mother-in-law was not giving helping hand neither would the husband because he usually leaves the house in the morning and come back at night. After listening to her, the husband was sent for. He came, and whole issue was settled amicably by the nurses. Thereafter, the woman started lactating well and was again. If nurses had not given listening ears to the woman, the issue of not lactating well would have
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