Physician Assistant Application Essay

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I write this letter on behalf of Levi Johnson in support of his desire to pursue the profession of a Physician Assistant. I have spent one on one time with this United States Army Veteran serving war time and peacetime unselfishly. I too am a U.S. Navy Veteran starting my career in the year of 1986 as a Hospital Corpsman for twelve years. In 1995 I achieved my degree as a Physician Assistant followed by a Direct Commission to the rank of Officer serving ten more years. During my time serving with the U.S. Navy I was in the role of war time and peacetime as a Corpsman and as a Physician Assistant. I share my personal experience with you as I feel this gives me a unique ability to determine another person’s ability to not only know when and how to be a leader but to also be a follower. In addition, as a Physician Assistant the bar to achieve and follow is significantly higher than that of some of our colleagues. Clearly Mr. Johnson has dedicated his life to serving others in controlled and uncontrolled environments without questioning the mission or his role. Mr. Johnson has learned the ability to show compassion, empathy and sympathy to friend and foe. This is an art one can only acquire by experiencing…show more content…
Johnson in his endeavor to achieve the degree specialty of a Physician Assistant. In order for me to recommend someone to serve in the capacity of a Physician Assistant I must feel they are compentent enough to provide medical care to me as a patient. That is my bar for such a letter. I feel Mr. Johnson has the ability to serve as a Physician Assistant in any clinical or non-clinical capacity. Combined with his training and experiences on active duty, positive attitude, maturity and commitment to do what is ethical I would be honored to watch as Mr. Johnson successfully represents the Physician Assistant Specialty. Please accept my highest recommendation for strong consideration to your upcoming Physician Assistant class of
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