Physician Assistant Career Report

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My chosen degree program at Kaplan University is a bachelor’s in health science. I chose this degree program because I am an aspiring physician assistant(PA). I chose this field of study because I have always been inspired to provide service to my community. My mother was a police officer and my father worked as an EMT. I did not choose their specific fields; however, I chose something that I knew fit me. For this assignment, I conducted research to find the, required professional certifications, and program accreditations needed to perform work in this field, the overall job outlook, salary, personality traits fit for this position, and consequently, I outlined my career goals.
With my degree in health science from Kaplan University and other
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The areas that I scored highest are the most important for my profession. Investigative shows that I am interested in researching and finding new ways to improve health and wellness. Being social is extremely important as a physician assistant. You have to work and communicate with many people throughout the day, so there is no room for antisocial behavior. Enterprising and conventional show that I am not afraid to be a leader or make tough decisions while paying close attention to details and following set procedures or rules. After reviewing my personality profile, I know that I have chosen the right profession and I will go forth with my goals. (National Center for O*NET Development,…show more content…
My short-term goal is to complete my bachelor’s degree. I want to do well in all my undergraduate courses and gain as much knowledge as I can. Another short-term goal is to get a job working with patients. I want to work with patients so that I can begin gaining experience with direct-patient care which is a requirement for PA school. My long-term goal is to apply to PA school. I would like to apply to Towson University as soon as I have accomplished all my entry requirements. If I can achieve these goals, I hope to be halfway through PA school and mastering all my courses in five years. I know that I said “if”, but Kaplan University has succeeded in ensuring that students like me have help with achieving their career goals. Kaplan University offers all their students access to career services. This department has a variety of strategies that will help me accomplish my career goals. These strategies include, career assessment, resume building, interview preparation, career networking tips, job-search support, and 24/7 online access to job openings and career development tools. This is the kind of help that I need now in my search for a job that will expose me to direct-patient care. Career Services can help me figure out what job fits me and also fulfills my clinical hours requirement for PA school. (Kaplan University,
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