Personal Narrative: A Career As A Physician Assistant

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I have heard several stories of my parents’ relatives, close friends or associates who lost their lives in accidents to illness. These stories could have had different, happier endings, I often concluded. I know of an eleven-year-old girl diagnosed with Alopecia Areata, laughing uncontrollably after watching her doctor make funny faces. For a moment, not only did this little girl forget that she was losing hair, but her smile expressed joy and the beauty of being alive. At this point I thought that a doctor would not only work on treating the physical condition of the patient but would have a big role in bringing joy in spite of their hopeless condition. When my relative was diagnosed with alopecia, the doctors were too busy with other patients to treat her. They were so busy that it was hard for us to get an appointment with them. During that time, I wished that there was an assistant to the doctor who could treat my relative and help her get through her toughest moments. That night, I went home and researched about doctors having assistants who can…show more content…
A patient’s sickness which through right medication and the physician’s compassion, can be overcome and helped . In time, and with hard work, it would be my privilege to possess the responsibilities of a Physician Assistant in caring for life. This summer I had a chance of working under some doctors in India. On my first day as a volunteer, I was a bit nervous, unsure of what to expect. However, once I got ready and walked into the operation room, I knew medicine was the profession I was meant to pursue. Physician Assistants were not common in India when my relative was ill. Most of the hospitals there only had doctors and no PA’s, so we couldn’t do anything but wait for our appointment. We had waited for a month till the doctor was available to treat my
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