Physician Assisted Suicide Case Study Answers

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In this case study I would speak to Frank as a pastor and a friend because we have a relationship that has developed over time when we have spent Saturdays together. Whether he is an active member or only attends church on Sundays I would still council him with the same respect that I would as someone who is very active in the church. I would be accountable to correct Frank because he is wrong. Frank knows he is wrong, but still needs to hear it. It would be my main focus for Frank to understand what he is putting at risk in destroying his marriage and also Trixxi’s. Frank needs to understand that not only our both of their marriages at stake, but also their reputations. Frank will have possibly ruined tremendous relationships at the country club because of the act with his fellow…show more content…
He would also need to truly think about the effects that this will have on Trixxi’s life. If Frank loves Trixxi he would want to protect her. Frank needs to reevalautae who he really loves in this situation because he asks about Dana and his kids and seems to want to protect them in this situation, but not Trixxi. I would tell Frank he needs to really revaluate his marriage. Has he done everything that he can to make it work? Has he addressed the issues that he is having with his wife? Has he sought out marital counseling? Also, asking him to truly evaluate the role that he has in the marriage declining? The marriage takes three entities, God, the husband, and the wife. Have all three entities been present? If Frank still is adamant on leaving his wife I would remind him of what he is willing to lose in the situation. Is Frank willing to start paying alimony and child support? Is Frank ready to lose his nice house and possibly nice car? Is Frank ready to estrange his relationship with his children? Does Frank understand that he is teaching his sons how to act as a husband and a man and that they may
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