Physician Burnout

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The statistics don’t lie. Physician burnout is a real problem that exists, and without any type of intervention, can become a personal problem that can ultimately end very badly. No matter if it means that you’ve taken that step to leave the career you’ve been studying for and practicing almost half of your life or falling into an emotional pit so deep that you start filling your life with addictions. In some circumstances, you may be dealing with the beginning of physician burnout without really having a name for what you’re going through. The question that your patients come to you for is how do I deal with their condition, and in this case, you’ve got to answer this very question for yourself.

Dealing With Physician Burnout

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The malpractice claims for that hospital went down by 70 percent in comparison to hospitals that acted as a control who only saw a 3 percent decrease. That’s a pretty big benefit for any facility, but this also offers a great deal of benefits for individual physicians, as well.

No one wants to go through the situation of dealing with a malpractice suit, and this is a great benefit. There are more benefits to be gained. Some other personal benefits include gaining the tools and skills you need to become more effective as a physician, being able to work towards becoming a thought leader at your facility, experiencing positive change in your life in both the professional and personal side, and remembering what brought you to practicing medicine in the first …show more content…

You may often turn to your support system at home, but if they don’t work in a medical career, they may have a harder time seeing where you’re coming from with what you want to vent about at work. Your work support system may be able to understand where you’re coming from, but you may not feel comfortable talking about these issues with others that may have a stake in what you 're wanting to talk about with them. There could be a conflict of interest in this particular situation that makes it uncomfortable for all parties

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