Physicochemical Properties Of Water Essay

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Water is the lifeline of our environment. Our planet earth is dominated by water. Two thirds of earth’s area is covered with water. Scientists estimate that 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water in the form of oceans starting from Pacific Ocean to Atlantic and Arctic Ocean. This water is not suitable for human use because of the high saline level in the water. The high amounts of salt in saes and oceans require a process of reverse osmosis for make the water fit for human use. The process is a costly one and requires time. The second most abundant source of water is the water stored in the form of ice in glaciers like in Antarctic and Arctic Circles. This water is inaccessible to us and can only be accessed when the ice melts and…show more content…
It is required by all living forms

Physicochemical Properties of Water
Water is one the most important component of our ecosystem. The physicochemical properties of the water are important because these properties play an important role in sustaining the aquatic ecosystem. These properties of the water made water a universal solvent. Some of the properties of water are discussed below:
• Colour: Water is colourless and transparent liquid. Any change in the colour of the water is an indication that water is contaminated. For example, if water is contaminated with decaying vegetation then, the water turns yellow or has a greenish tint in some cases. This is due to the presence of tannic acid which is liberated by the decaying vegetation. The water also turns yellow if it has iron contamination in it. Therefore, colour of water is an important parameter for checking the purity of water.

• Odour: Water is also odourless. It has no smell of its own. But sometimes water can smell bad. This can happen if the water gets contaminated with some microorganisms or it can have a metallic odour if the concentration of metals increases in the water. Municipal corporations use chlorine for disinfection which can also be the cause of odour in the

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