Physics In NASCAR Racing Essay

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Physics in NASCAR Racing. A subject used daily in life is physics. It is used for everything that we do from walking to running to driving to even turning. Physics is one of mankind’s most important subjects and I’ll tell you why. Today’s topic will be on how physics is applied in NASCAR Racing. There are many ways it applies. How fast do you need to go to win? Why do the cars lose control? Do you have to slow down in order to turn? There are many more questions to be asked but they will all be answered in this research paper. The sport NASCAR is second among professional sport franchises in terms of television viewers in the Unites States it was founded in 1950 that’s when it had its first ever 500 mile race. After this the sport continued…show more content…
Fans may love the speed, sound, and atmosphere, but there’s much more to NASCAR racing than just that. A NASCAR racer is an intelligent man no only him but his crew because they are using physics to win races and how? In NASCAR Racing you cannot just go fast and hope to win. Behind that there are moves and techniques that drivers do to beat there competition, but what the drivers do that fans don’t see is pretty much defy the world of gravity. With their fast and neatly shaped cars they cut the air in half making them go faster it’s almost as if each driver is using magic. There are two 33 degree turns that really add pressure to the driver but by using physics laws they are able to slow down just enough to where they do not flip or crash. The two turns make the competition harder because it makes the race longer and…show more content…
It is crucial to keeping the car on the track. While racing the tires on the car provide the friction which is part of this force. The force needed to keep the car on the track cannot exceed the square of the car speed. If the speed of the car is greater than the force of friction during a turn the cars wheels will leave the ground causing it to crash. This is why they bank the race track to give the car more friction so It will not lose control and cause an
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