Physics In Six Flags Essay

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How does physics involve roller coasters? The meaning of physics is the branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy. Six Flags is a great place for families to come together and having fun on all the different types of rollercoasters there are at this theme park. Physics is very well involved in all of the rides at this theme park. Many of the rides have kinetic energy, and centripetal acceleration and so much more. Six Flags is a great place for physics you can find physics in the Giant Drop, American Eagle, and The Orbit.

The Giant Drop stands at 227 feet which is a height of 20 stories, is located in the Southwest Territory of Six Flags. The ride approximately drops at 62 miles per hour, which this drop it has a special feature of magnetic brakes that are frictionless. This the frictionless brakes it makes this the smoothest, and exhilarating drop that has ever happen in a drop from a ride. Kinematics behind the Giant Drop are a mass equals 850kg, velocity equals 24.44m/s, and lastly momentum (8.50kg X 24.44m/s) = 20,774kg m/s. Kinetic Energy that is changing during the ride is the magnetic field that indicates the ride to slow down after dropping.
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The greatest height that this rides contains is 127 feet for the first incline of the ride. The maximum speed that this ride hold is about 66 miles per hour. The equation for this roller-coaster isa average=avat=v2-v1t2-t1=change in speedchange in time this equation is for the longitudinal acceleration. There is momentum in the ride American Eagle because it has a quantity of motion just like any other rollercoaster. An interesting fact from the ride is that it took 1,360,000 board feet of wood to be build, and also had over 20,000 men to help build this in hours. This ride contains speed, potential energy, and kinetic
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