Physics In Ultrasound

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The diagnosis of medical problems would be challenging without the use of physics in the medical field today. Medical imaging has benefited greatly from the use of physics. One great and famous example is the invention of ultrasounds. .Sound is caused by tiny, fast movements known as vibrations, and it travels in waves from its source to a specified receiver. These sound vibrations can vary in size, which is amplitude, and in rate, which is frequency. The larger the amplitude the louder the sound, and the higher the frequency the higher the sound. Ultrasound is a device that creates an image of a part of the inside of the body. It relies on high frequency sounds to image the body and diagnose and treat patients. They are for that reason longitudinal…show more content…
Knowing the vibrant nature of the ultrasound scanning device makes understanding of the processes involved essential. A basic ultrasound device consist of several parts; the transducer probe which sends and receives sound waves, the central processing unit (CPU) which is a computer that calculates the results and includes an electrical power that would supply for the transducer probe, the transducer pulse controls which are responsible for changing the amplitude and frequency, the displayer which displays the image produced from the ultrasound data, the cursor which is a keyboard that inputs data and take measurements from the displayer, the disk storage device which is responsible for storing the acquired images, and finally the printer which prints the images made by the…show more content…
Each type of ultrasound has its own properties and is used for specified places only. The first type of ultrasound is the Pelvic ultrasound. This ultrasound is used for the female reproductive organs. The Pelvic ultrasound can find and detect fibroid tumors, cysts, ovarian growths, and any problems associated with the female reproductive organs. The second type is Transvaginal ultrasound. This ultrasound is used for diagnosis on the pelvic organs by inserting a tiny transmitter into the person's vagina. This ultrasound can also be used for early pregnancy. Pregnancy ultrasound is another type of ultrasound where it is used to measure the growth and development of a fetus. It is also used to know the age of the fetus, the gender, the position of the fetus, to check for problems regarding the baby, and to know the cause of vaginal bleeding. The last type of ultrasound is abdominal ultrasound. Abdominal ultrasound is used to detect diseases or problems within the organs inside the abdomen such as lover, bile ducts, pancreas, and gall

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