Physics Of A Roller Coaster Essay

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When creating a model plan for a roller coaster ride, physics must be incorporated. The main goal is to create potential energy within the ride. Potential energy is the amount of energy that is built while going up a hill. Depending on how high the hill is, that more kinetic energy that will be applied. An example of this would be a riding a bike up a steep bridge, once the bike has reached the top of the bridge the bike will have enough kinetic energy to run down. This is due to the force of gravity pulling the bike back down. The same concept applies for roller coasters. This an important concept when creating a model because that is what allows the ride to go through the high points and be successful ride. Roller coasters are not powered…show more content…
It states that the acceleration of an object depends on the mass, magnitude, and the forces acting on it. This law sets when the cart is going down hills. The mass is the mass of the cart and passengers, whereas gravity serves as the force acting on it. The passengers are able to feel the force, this changes as the acceleration starts to slow down. The cart starts to slow down because of the friction. The third law is Action- Reaction, it states that for every action there is a reaction. That there is an equal and opposite reaction. An example of this is dribbling a basketball. If the ball is thrown hard enough the ball will come up high with the same amount of force that was used from the start. As passengers begin to push down on their seats, the seats also pushes back. Another thing that plays a part in this law is g-force. G-force is the force due to the gravity at earth’s surface. They basically push the passenger onto their seat. Overall the three laws of motion all tie into roller coasters and how they work. Each law has their own roll in how the carts move or react. Physics plays a huge part in the making roller coasters. The law of inertia applies to the cart being in motion or not. The second law applies to the force and acceleration put against the cart. The third law applies t how the force affect those riding on the roller

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