Physiological Response Questions And Answers

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HUMSERV 101: Psychology for Human Services PeerWise Multi-Choice Questions

Name: Shivneel Chand Date: 05/10/15
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Question 1: Question Stem: Not long ago, Ashley has gone through a stressful divorce. The situation has her feeling angry, fearful and, sad. These feelings best describe which of the following responses to stress?
Response Options (correct answer in CAPS):
A) Physiological
C) Behavioural
D) Flight or fight
Answer B is the best answer because emotions are powerful, largely uncontrollable feelings, accompanied by physiological changes. Answer A is not the best answer because the question directly focuses on emotional responses. The physiological response focuses more on the general adaptation syndrome which is a model of the body’s stress response, consisting of three stages: alarm, resistance, and exhaustion. Answer C is incorrect because most behavioural responses to stress involve coping and coping refers to active efforts to master, reduce or tolerate the demands created by stress. Answer D is incorrect because the flight and fight response is a
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Understanding how the body’s stress response works, recognizing the signs and symptoms of stress overload, and taking steps to reduce its harmful effects can lead to a better quality of life for the client.

Question 2:
Question Stem: People who frequently carry out unreasonable rituals to overcome their anxiety are said to have a (an)
Response Option (correct answer in CAPS):
A) Generalized anxiety disorder.
B) Panic
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